What You Can Expect

Our Sunday services are designed to help the congregation encounter God in a way that is meaningful and worshipful. As a result, our services are structured by a rhythm of worship that provides an atmosphere of reverence and joy. In a time when church culture has taken the word “worship” and reduced it down to a time of entertainment, we have sought to find our way back to the “ancient paths” (Jer. 6:16). Instead of “worship” being focused on human feelings and emotions, it is our conviction that the focus of worship should be God himself. Our pattern of worship – that is, our liturgy – is therefore purposeful and intentional to draw our focus on God. 

What is Liturgy?

Every church has a liturgy. That is, every church service is patterned and ordered in some way. The question is not, “Will our church have a liturgy?” but rather, “Will our church be intentional with the liturgy that we have?” We feel it is important to put thought and prayer into everything we do in our worship time, for this is God’s house.

The word “liturgy,” literally defined, means “work of the people.” We do not believe that worship is to be consigned just to clergy but that it should incorporate the congregation of believers. That is why our worship service contains responsive readings and corporate prayers and confessions. Worship is congregational and participatory.

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For a detailed outline of what our worship liturgy looks like, please click here