Our Church Family believes it is not enough simply to be “missions-minded.” We believe God has called us to be missions-oriented. Our church is actively engaged in going and sending our people to share the Gospel to the entire world–whether that be across the street or overseas.  Our Missions Ministry is divided into three divisions: (1) Local outreach; (2) Regional outreach; and (3) Global outreach.

(1) Local Outreach. Our Local Outreach Ministry is multi-faceted. First, our church has adopted a local outreach vision to reach young families. We know how difficult it is to raise young families in this day and age, so we have made it our goal and aim to come alongside them in the name of Christ. We realize how integral the family is within a Christian worldview, so we are actively engaging ministry in this area. Second, in cooperation with our local Ministerial Alliance, we are daily involved in food distribution, as well as other benevolence-related ministries. We believe that God has placed our church family in McLoud for a reason: to serve and minister to the people here.

(2) Regional Outreach.Through the years, we have planted several churches, as well as been part of important work in Utah, Arizona, and New Orleans. Currently, we have a strong partnership with churches and pastors in the San Francisco Bay Area, who are reaching out to the Afghani population in that area. We try to make at least one trip to this area every year.

(3) Global Outreach. Our church has been involved with sending our own members to places such as The Philippines and Wales. We are in the process of developing a partnership in Swaziland (Africa) with missionaries, who are working in an orphanage, and a partnership with a missionary who is working with the Roma people in Bulgaria. God is opening many avenues in these area where our church can help be a part of God’s mission to claim the world for His Name. Exciting things are coming up in this area!

If you are interested in learning more about our Missions Ministry, please contact our Missions Leader, Clayton McCoy (405.964.3344).