Help send William Graham to Uganda

The following letter was sent to us by William Graham, son of former pastor Ernest Graham.

April 16, 2011

Dear Friends,

I hope everything is going well with you. God has been doing some real work in my life recently, like a whole lot. A couple weeks ago I was playing a pickup game of basketball and I dislocated my knee cap and had to pop it back into place. This wasn’t the worst part. On my way home I had to pull over on the side of the road because I was cramping up and getting this tingling feeling all over my body. I could barely control my hands to even call 911. So I started questioning God and asking him why and a bunch of crying went on. But it eventually it went away and I drove home fine. It was caused by the lack of lunch and the extreme shock my body was going through so I’m good now.  But it was scary because I couldn’t control what I was doing and I always was able to control things when I was hurt before. God really got my attention in this manner.

On the surface I knew what I had to get rid of in my life to get closer to God and that was easy. But through talking with my parents I found that there was a deeper issue. I had been living my own life and putting God in where it was convenient for me. For example, I push myself in sports and weightlifting but not at all in talking to God or listening to him. Also its been easy living off my parents but it is now time for me to take responsibility and obey God on my own.

So with that said God has lead me to embark on a 2 month long mission trip to Uganda Africa this summer. This is His way of inviting me to take responsibility and write this letter and do all these things for myself. I will be leaving June 3 and be coming back August 2. The trip cost is $4650 and I need $2300 of that by April 28. I am asking you to help in any way you can. Lots of prayers as well, as I have never done this before, would be greatly appreciated.

The ministry Im going with is called Adventures in Missions. According to their website they have sent over 90,000 missionaries to date. I will be going on a specific program called Real Life which challenges college age students to go out on their own to a new place and serve God. Some of the work I will be doing may include: working with the children, helping at schools, or leading a Bible study.  Inside this envelope is a support card. To donate, you fill out this card and mail to them, which is in Atlanta, Georgia. You can also go to and move your mouse over donate and click on “mission trip participants” and fill everything out from there.  Or if I emailed it you below are the support cards to fill out if your goin to mail it in. Its all tax deductible.

Thank you for being a part of my life so I could send you this letter. Again any support is appreciated. If you have any questions my number is 225-788-2824. Oh my email address is [email protected], if you give me your email I will do my best while I’m over there to give you an idea of what and how I am doing.


God Bless,

William Graham

Update: Speedy has informed us that the full amount for the mission trip is due by May 22nd.
Full letter with dontation cards in PDF format: William Graham Mission