Eternity Bible College

Eternity Bible College About our Partnership 

Our family of faith at First Baptist Church firmly believes God is out to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph 4:12). We don’t believe we, as Christians, have been called to sit still; rather, we’ve been called to advance God’s kingdom through the message of the Gospel of Christ. By affiliating with Eternity Bible College, we are able to provide a high-level of academic training to those who desire to learn more about their faith and walk with their Savior.  

About the College


Eternity Bible College was founded by Francis Chan and is physically located in Simi Valley, California. EBC is committed to bringing quality biblical education at an affordable cost. The primary degree at EBC is a Bachelor of Biblical Studies, which is a full four-year degree. They also offer two types of two-year degrees: an Associate in Foundations of Christian Thought, and a Certificate in Biblical Studies. As part of their commitment to the local church, the degrees can be earned via distance education. Of course, you don’t have to seek a degree in order to learn more about your faith. You may simply want to learn without the responsibility of taking tests and earning a degree. This is what makes our partnership so beneficial: It’s open to everyone, to degree-seeking students and to those who simply want to learn more about their walk with Christ. 

Here’s How It Works…

 As a local church affiliated with the college, we are offered three specific benefits:

  1. Everyone from our church who takes classes receives a $25 per credit hour discount;
  2. Church members can audit classes free (there is a one-time technology fee of $100, which is good for 5 years);
  3. Church members can take for credit (not just audit) “Introduction to Discipleship Counseling” (DISC 101) at no cost.

Here is a write-up of Introduction to Discipleship Counseling….

DISC101 – Introduction to Discipleship Counseling (2 Credits)
This is a practical course of study laying out foundational principles for living out God-honoring relationships. Particular attention will be paid to: worldview issues, sources of authority in people’s lives, how people change, and scripture’s teaching regarding biblical relationships. Specific topics covered will include dealing with sin, forgiveness, restoration, confrontation, and repentance. The ultimate goal of the class is to help people become more conformed to the image of Christ.

How Do You Begin? 

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to visit EBC’s website: Please free, too, to call our church (Office: 405.964.3344), and we will be glad to point you in the right direction.