We are committed to theological Christian training. Together, our church family regularly explores certain biblical passages, topics, and theological themes in Scripture in an in-depth fashion. Taking time to study Scripture in this way aids in our spiritual growth and walk with the Savior. We pray that you find the following resources useful and encouraging in your own walk with the Lord.

Textual Studies

A Look at John 1:1-8

A Look at Luke 7:18-35

A Look at Romans 1:1-6

A Look at Genesis 11:1-9

A Look at Genesis 12:1-9; 15

A Look at Genesis 17:1-14

Worldview Studies

Note: The outlines below are intended to be used in conjunction with the audio.

What is Worldview?  — Click here for Audio

Worldview Questions — Click here for Audio

The Worldview of Scripture