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Nursery Rotation Schedule

ETC (Extended Teaching Care) Rotation Schedule – Ages babies to 4 years old. Sunday, June 25: Janet Hodde, Tony Boyd, and Cindy Locke. Wednesday, June 28: Linda Ogle and Deborah Nida. Sunday, July 2: Shirley Fleetwood, Verna Jones, and Tim Wallace. Wednesday, July 5: Tony Boyd and Debbie McCoy. Sunday, July 9: Ashley Brinkman, Sarah Callaway, Alice Callaway, and…

Children’s Worship Worker’s Schedule

June 25: Johanna Cockroft, Annie Carey, and Kayce Locke. July: No Children’s Worship in July. August 6: Cindy Locke, Isaac Locke, Kayce Locke.     More volunteers are needed for Children’s Worship on a rotational basis. (Pre-K thru 4th grade students). If you are interested in this ministry, please contact the church office or Cindy Locke.

2017 Regular Scheduled Business Meetings

All Regular Scheduled Business Meetings will be held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 unless stated otherwise. These dates do not include Special Called Business Meetings. Special Called Business Meetings will be announced during Sunday morning services along with the reason for calling the meeting.    

The Key to Contentment

We all have things we want, things we desire. This isn’t inherently bad. Not by a long shot. Having desires is an essential characteristic of our human being. However, at times, we find ourselves feeling a level of discontentment over the things we want but don’t currently possess. I’m sure you can think of a…

“This-World Christianity”

As Christians, we believe in a spiritual realm, a place where God, angels, demons, the afterlife, etc., all exist. Belief in the supernatural realm is a biblical belief; it’s not something we just made up. Moreover, when we say “spiritual realm” what we mean by that is a realm that is very real and very…

When Repentance Does Not Precede Forgiveness

Christians have a strong desire (and conviction) to display grace and mercy to everyone–regardless of who they are or what they’ve done. I know that often our convictions don’t match our conduct, but the same could be said of anyone, both Christian and non-Christian. Nonetheless, as Christians, it is our most basic and fundamental conviction–the core…